The Perfect Day

Visualization exercise: What does a perfect day look like for me? 

Early rise – maybe around 5:30-6am when it’s not too dark outside anymore and the sun is just rising. I get up do some stretches and jog outside. Maybe some days I’ll do a home work out. Maybe some days my husband or children will join me. 

After getting back, I’ll have some 10 minutes to keep quiet and meditate. Then maybe read something inspirational for the day, like a devotional or self-help books. 

After that, I’ll cook a nice healthy breakfast and maybe pack a healthy lunch too for the day. I like preparing healthy food. I like having control over what I eat. 

After breakfast, I’ll prepare myself for work. Somewhere nearby. Somewhere that doesn’t need me to be there at 8 or 9am. Maybe 10. 😅 Is this being lazy? Lord, if this is not for me then I’ll adjust this perfect day to an earlier schedule. But please Lord, the perfect day is without traffic. Hehe 

Work will be something dear to me. Where I can practice my creativity and also mentoring people I work with and learning from angel mentors who will also work with me. I realized that my personality type is supportive of people who know what they want to do and how to do it. I thinka I can be a good support staff. I hope I can be a good boss and art-social-entrepreneur too. (My forever dream) 

Really, I just want to have time freedom and some financial freedom. Time freedom so I can spend time on things that matter most to me, like caring for the family. 

Most of all, I want peace of mind. Enlightenment. Self-awareness. Wisdom. Perseverance. Love. The quieter virtues that I think I should start learning from the challenges of here and now. 

I want to be always inspired. To live. To create. To be present. To love. To do. 💕


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