So many things happening in my life again and I’m becoming sickly. Huhu I have a bad cough, colds and my feet are swollen. My pimples are at bay and I hope they don’t worsen anymore. I’m no longer always sleepy like the past few days though. I don’t know if these are all because I stopped drinking those darn pimple medicines and now my body’s gone haywire. Huhu

So to gain some control, I am going on a mild body cleanse/detox for 7 days. I am going to eat only fruits and vegetables (raw or boiled). No meat. (Still thinking about rice huhu). Hopefully my body will be able to find balance and heal.

Day 1 – still good – calamansi and mango for breakfast, banana for lunch, two kamote for meryenda, Little India’s tamarind rice and spinach for dinner, coffee

Day 2 – calamansi  upon waking up, one hour after – coffee, office – banana, lunch – left-over tamarind rice and spinach + okra + tomatoes + squash, dinner – brown rice, eggplant, tomatoes and black beans + mango

Day 3 – calamansi and mango, lunch – leftover brown rice, eggplant, tomatoes and black beans, dinner – white rice and veggies with chicken (because of a friend), celery sticks, 2 bananas

Day 4 – calamansi, 2 kamote, pansit, cucumber tomato salad, oatmeal cookies, mango, phohao hot and sour noodle soup

Day 5 – calamansi, CHICKEN FROM KFC (fail) and brown rice, ggppant tomato and brown rice for dinner

Day 6

Day 7

*updating this post everyday as a food journal



Update: I read that the key to losing weight is not so much about exercise but regulating the way we eat. Exercise is good for the mind and body, but not so much as to losing weight.

Update: 19 May 2016 – I feel lighter already! 🙂 Still waiting for the hunger and craving pangs to go away, but it’s becoming easier to ignore them. Yesterday, I passed on pizza. #discipline

Update: 20 May 2016 – My abdomen is no longer a huge huge bulge. 🙂

Update: 21 May 2016 – feeling the cravings for sweets 😳

Update: 29 May 2016 – totally forgot to log Day 6 and 7 because I went easy on myself and ate a bit of meat throughout the day. This week I started eating unhealthy again (eating out fast food etc) and I really feel the difference. My stomach is not too happy and hurts in the morning. I also feel always craving/hungry for more food (hormones?).


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