Day 4 Struggle

The run was not really the struggle. The run was actually good time (5k in 30 mins) for me! The struggle was whether I would go out with friends that afternoon/night or just jog (plus other things to do like pack my stuff for tomorrow, fix my food for the week, accompany my mom to the drugstore and parlor). So yes, I chose the latter and am feeling guilty for not being able to join them. 

But I’m also kind of happy that I succeeded with Day 4. Now I’m thinking whether it is actually better to run in the morning so I will still have a social life at night. Huhu (but then I’d have to wake up early 😔)

Anyway, I have to solve my schedule and make the necessary sacrifices. I forgot, I should lift my 30 day running/exercise challenge to my God who gave me a healthy body. 💪😊

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast – 3 dinner rolls, a pastry, banana, tea with milk, 1 tbsp herbed cream cheese 


Snacks – pastries (guilty) and some leftover hummus (2 tbsp)


And even though the fish (tulingan) and the adobo was soooooo good, I did not eat a second serving. (Pats myself on the back haha) 

Dessert – half slice of apple crumble cake and one pili revel bar square  (guilty)

Yey for Day 4! 


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