2015 Recap

A recap of the year before New Year’s Day! A lot has happened this year that I am absolutely thankful for to God and the lovely people surrounding me. I guess I also have my fair share of ups and downs, but looking back none of them were too bad. So yes, 2015 was a good… no, a great year for me. 🙂

  • International Travels

KOREA with Indy (and Tito Mhel and Tito Roc who live there 🙂 )

JAPAN with Joven and Third

Japan and Korea are so great I sometimes think I want to live there. T.T

  • Local Travels (mostly for work but it was fun too!)

ILOILO (twice)



Samal Island




Processed with Moldiv





BATAAN (for my brother’s wedding)





  • Started working on my thesis. I have a thesis adviser now, and a draft concept note. Hoping to graduate by 2016!
  • Got a regular position at work. Which is not really the easiest things to have, but I did get in, so hooray for benefits! I still need to work on my GRIT though. To be open to challenges and stick it through despite hardships. Praying for this. 🙂
  • Started thinking about my dreams and God’s plans towards the latter part of my year. Finally I am finding it in my heart that it is okay to dream and have plans. Because it keeps us alive. The journey makes us better people and God definitely knows what he is doing.
  • And speaking of hopes and dreams… Finally became officially a couple on 29 Nov 2015. We fought about it and it happened. HAHA Thank you, Love. All of our friends and family now know that we are together. And 2015 was happy because we got to see each other in July in Japan and he came home to the PH for the summer break. So yey quality time! And thanks Love for the wonderful 2015 gifts: 2 bouquets of roses (Valentines and birthday), my Pikachu-Charizard bedtime buddy, a Phil 4:13 shirt, colored pencils and coloring book 🙂 , and a watch for Christmas. Yey! 🙂


  • I had the chance to be emcee for a work activity. I wasn’t that great but I got the job done. The participants liked me. Well, especially the guys, but I hope the gals did too. 🙂


  • Read three books. That’s just waaay to low. I have to read more this 2016 HAHA. 1) The Incredible Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. 2) Uncommon Arrangements by Katie Roiphe. 3) Maze Runner: Death Cure by James Dashner.
  • Designed and made my first ever wedding invitations, and groomsmen/bridesmaids invitations. I was happy about them! I used Kuya’s Cameo Silhouette for the first time for the groomsmen/bridesmaid invitations. 🙂
  • Organized and survived seven (SEVEN!) missions this year PLUS countless negotiation meetings. I think I can say I did a good job managing everything. Not perfect, I / we could have done some things better but I think we did fairly well for a very small team (2-3). Yey! I pray for new challenges this coming year Lord! Those challenges that will lead me and teach me so I can fulfill your plans for the future. Yey!
  • Managed to run 21++ times (tracked using RunKeeper; that’s only 5% of the 365 days in a year), enrolled in a gym (for one month only 😛 ). Yep my fitness goals were not achieved this year. 😦
  • But I did manage to quit smoking. Okay, I had some lapses but it’s still an improvement from my 2014. I can survive without smoking now. Who knew I could do it. Who knew I didn’t need it to not go crazy. HAHA I still have moments I miss it though. But I have to push onnnn. No smoking!
  • I gained… stronger faith in God. Must be Exxon’s influence and my own willingness to learn by reading and seeing things differently. I now think of dreams, life, people and hardships in a different way. And I have gone back to praying especially for the times I am anxious, afraid and tired. I was disappointed when God didn’t say yes to my wish to study with Exxon in Japan. It took me three weeks to gain my confidence and heart and trust back to the Lord. And I did manage to understand Him and how He works – the yes, no and maybes, and it’s not the right time. I also understood how trust leads to peace for those moments I become anxious about my own life. PEACE suddenly has a new meaning. 🙂

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33

  • I gained… weight. That I have to work on next year. HAHA
  • I… grew my hair out and it’s now ash blonde and grey for the new year. 😛
  • I dabbled on some watercolor painting and lettering. I wish I had all the time in the world to just be artsy hehe
  • Got to watch spoken word poetry performances. Which was amazing and inspiring. ❤

open mic


In all of this, I tried to make time for my family, Exxon and his family. Because at the end of it all, its our relationships with them that matter. I also made new friends within and outside the office. I’m not too great at keeping in touch with friends I don’t see often like my high school friends and other friends from my old offices. But I do hope they know that I am always here for them if they need me.

2015 was challenging, especially with work and school. But hey, I survived and that’s what matters and that’s what made 2015 so alive. I am very thankful for the plenty plenty opportunities to travel, see new places and try to do new things.

Time to set some new goals and priorities for 2016! I guess for me it will be working on myself, my relationships with people and finding my calling. I know and pray that God has something special in store for all of us. 🙂 Cheers to the new year!


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