Okay so I’m kind of drunk.

Dreams. They say you need to have a dream for your life. And I believe that. What else should you be living for than your dreams. 

So what are my dreams? Sometimes I feel like I don’t have any real concrete ones. What do I want? What do I really want for this life I have? This ONE life. 

I dream of doing what I love while helping people. The poor. The children who were born under circumstances they didn’t choose. The women who have limited choices. The men who work hard yet still fail to provide their families a good life. 

I dream of doing what I love. But what do I love? I love … using my creativity for the arts. I love making things from scratch. But I often find myself having no time and inspiration to do arts. But I like keeping still, and taking time to CREATE. Create anything nice. Create anything people will actually would like to have. Create beautiful things. 

I love… Exxon. And I’d love to spend my life with him. I’d love to have him beside me for every tear, laugh, success, bloopers and heartbreak. I’d love to have two or three children with him. And take pictures. And smile and laugh with him as our children grow old and experience life. I want to be there for his ups and his downs and everything in between. I want to be with him in every traffic jam and long drive and vacation. I want to be with him in every theme park we can have fun and be like our child-like selves. I want to wake up to his breathing and his very mild snore every morning. I want to make him elaborate breakfasts on lazy weekend mornings. I want him to be there in any dream I make. 

I want to make a difference. But I don’t know how. What am I good at? 

I can write. I can convey clear messages. I can do technical writing. A bit of creative writing. 

I can handle pressure. I think I can assess a situation and find solutions that are feasible and quick to do. I can think of problems as challenges that can be lessons to make me a better person.

I can work with a team. I can facilitate collaboration. I can lead a team. I can get along with people.

I can understand. I am not an expert but I am trainable. I have the ability to absorb – what is needed, what I can do. But I need a mentor. Because experience is the best teacher. 

Confidence? Sometimes I need to believe in myself more so I can pull things through to the end. 

Focus and discipline. I need to keep remembering why I’m doing things. So I don’t falter and give up all of a sudden. 

Emotional. I fear failure. So when I sense failure I feel like losing hope and giving up. 

But what do I dream of? 

Using my creativity. 

Having time freedom. 

Living comfortably. 

Travel for leisure. 

Live abroad. 

Have enough to help my parents.
Yep so basically I don’t know WHERE/WHO I want to be. I’m praying for it. And it’s going to be in my prayers for the rest of the year and next year. 🙏


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