Unfortunate Events and Unexpected Miracles

Today was a series of unfortunate events and unexpected miracles.

I was part of a team organizing a mission at the office. One of the most important days in the mission is the first day since it is where high officials take part in the activity. It is the meeting to set the tone for all succeeding meetings. It was scheduled at 9:00AM and the team was supposed to be there by 8:00 for the preparations.

I woke up at 5:30AM. I’d be coming from my home down south and I would need to leave early. Unfortunate event number 1 happened when my car key remote (for keyless entry) wouldn’t work. The car alarm just wouldn’t stop. Long story short, I was not able to leave the house at 5:30AM. At 6:20AM, I decided to just leave using the defective remote all open and inside out.

Unfortunate event number 2 was the traffic. It was traffic from the beginning until the end. I wanted to bang my head on the stirring wheel. I was doomed. It was already 8AM and I was still very far. I managed to arrive at the apartment at 8:30AM to take a bath and dress up. Unexpected miracle number 1 was me being able to leave the apartment at 8:40AM.

Unexpected miracle number 2 was that there was no traffic and stop lights. The travel to the office was light and easy. I managed to be at the office at 9:10AM.

Unexpected miracle number 3 is the flag ceremony that delayed the 9AM meeting. It gave me time to set-up the presentation, make copies of the presentation and some last minute preparations.

Unexpected miracle number 4 is that the kick-off meeting went without a hitch. The Secretary used my words in her message (which was a bit cool and scary at the same time) and most of the important people who needed to be there were there.

Unfortunate event number 3 was that the office who was presenting in the afternoon wasn’t around in the morning to hear what our boss had to say. Unfortunate event number 4 was that another boss immediately started the afternoon meeting and did not allow people to have an hour lunch break. I ate quickly on my desk while photocopying presentations. The others were not able to eat because they had to present already.

Unexpected miracle number 4 is that even if the meeting came two hours early, the office came prepared and in somewhat full force. The discussion was lively.

Unfortunate event number 4 is when our cash advance couldn’t be approved because of some strict rules about cash advances. I mean, what are we supposed to do? Stop the activity because we have no money? Unexpected miracle number 5 is that it still got approved and hopefully the check will be available tomorrow.

Unexpected miracle number 6 is having team mates who were willing to sacrifice to get the job done. One even paid for the meals and snacks because we didn’t have the money. I’m too grateful that he saved me a wrinkle on my forehead. Unexpected miracle number 7 is that somehow everything went well in the day and I am finally home. Too excited to sleep.

I think the major lesson I learned today is that we will not be able to comprehend miracles if we have not yet experienced hardship. Today was full of challenges but each one was an opportunity to witness a miracle. Today’s miracles were not grand. They were bits of good things that happened just at the right time and in the right place and at the right moment.

I am grateful for today’s grateful heart. Thank you God for happiness in every cup.


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