2015 Resolutions

Taking the advice on resolutions from Elite Daily.

1. Get into shape

Getting into the routine with so much time being consumed by work, school, (plus boyfriend, friends, family) rest and play has made getting into shape so much harder than before. But since I will no longer be taking care of B, I could squeeze in a regular jogging/exercise routine (TThSatSun mornings/evenings).

Motivators: Buy new rubber shoes and sports bras 🙂

Enablers: Get enough rest and spend less time on social media. 

2. Eat healthier (and stop smoking)

Eating healthy entails time and money, control and the right mindset. I’ve done this before but always slip back into my regular “eat whatever” self. Salad salad and more salad is the easiest thing to go for in eating healthy.

And the hardest feat for me for 2015 will be to quit smoking. Yes, I’ve said this every year but this time I think I have the right motivation. No smoking by January 1, 2015. Whew. I can do this.

Motivators: my Love, jogging/exercise, narcissism (ikagaganda ko ito 😛 )

Enablers: To distract myself, I will look for a gaming app to keep my mind off it for 15 minutes. Yes. I. Can. Do. This. 

3. Spend less time focusing on the trivial things

To me, this is gossip, Facebook and Instagram. I’m not sure if I can include here the TV series I spend watching after work. Hmmmm. Anyway, I think I should start reading more sensible stuff like international news online and actual books (fictional novels included please).

Motivators: More time for the important stuff, more focus, more to be accomplished

Enablers: Set a schedule for social media. Like 30 minutes before going to bed and not check throughout the day. 

4. Spend more time finding your purpose and passions in life

Really? I don’t know how to do this. When I have time, I do the things I like write, draw and make stuff. But as to its purpose? Hmmm.

5. Only keep those individuals in your life who deserve to be there

I think I’ve already managed to do this by breaking up with a long time ex-boyfriend who made me feel insecure with his philandering and making me put up with his drinking. As to friends, well, I don’t really have a lot of friends and I’m already happy with the ones I do have.

I look forward, though, to making new friends and exploring more of life.

6. Quit the job you hate

Yehey that I actually don’t hate my job. I actually love it (except for the labor rights being violated here). I look forward to more opportunities in my career right now (that does not necessarily involve leaving my present job).

7. Learn to make your own decisions

And with great power comes great responsibility. As my boss told me, this is the time I should spend to assess who I am as a leader and what works for me (leadership style). I hope to discover this and learn more from the people I work with and my inner self.

Motivators: Happy co-workers, getting things done

Enablers: Courage to fail and the courage to succeed, time for reflection

8. Trust yourself

Guilty. I almost always only realize that I am good at something when other people have to tell me about it. Trust in myself has been a particularly hard thing to do when you have a lot of insecurities and you fear failure and what other people think.

Motivators: A life with no regrets. 

Enablers: I was created by God in His own image. I was created to overcome. God created me for a purpose that He has intended for me. 

9. Create fewer reasons to lie

I guess my past was always laden with lies for stuff that I had to keep from my family and friends. Now I feel like starting anew. I still have secrets but I don’t intend to create more.

10. Spend less time on lovers that will never transition into life partners

God has already sent me the life partner I love/want/need. He is awesome and I love him and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He makes me a better person. He is the major motivation to be better in 2015. ❤

11. Spend more time with family

I live away from my family and I only get to spend time with them on weekends. So yes, this is a major difficulty but I promise to be there for those “big moments”.

12. Spend more time thinking about life’s greatest mysteries

I think this year I will also work on my spirituality, something I forgot about for the past few years. I don’t know yet how to do this but I will try to be more in tune with my spirituality and God’s will.

13. Stay up-to-date on happenings around the world

Refer to No. 3. 🙂

14. Rely on logic above all else

“An illogical human life is a failed life.” I think I am generally logical. Sometimes, when driven by emotions I become an irrational human being but I also come to my senses after. Maybe this year, I can try being more logical by not easily becoming emotional about work, love and life in general. Inhale, exhale, (forget about smoking), count to fifty, and resume life.

15. Live life passionately

“Be passionate about finding something worthy of your passion.” I don’t think I am a passionate person. I am very controlled with my emotions so living passionately and vicariously. I don’t know if I am passionate about anything. I am passionate about my Love and about work. But hobbies, not too much. Again, I don’t know how to do this! But I can try to do this — “Don’t remain stagnant. Don’t give up.”

16. Learn to communicate effectively

I think I can communicate effectively at work for the technical stuff that it requires. But in terms of leadership, relationships and emotional matters, I can’t quite communicate those effectively. This is something I can work on this 2014. Communication that builds relationships deeper than just work but actual human to human interaction. I need to become more sincere, more interested, more compassionate. Hard. Work.

17. Focus on simplicity

Just as the saying goes, “Live simply so that others may simply live.” And I do want just a simple life. I just want to be able to eat well, live comfortably, have the time for the people I love and travel once in a while. That’s it. The other blessings in my life are just a plus. 🙂

18. Maximize efficiency

I think I should maximize efficiency of my money. This also means going to work on time to avoid cuts which also means being efficient in the morning. Laziness is a downward spiral, I tell ya! 😛

I should also avoid expensive purchases for stuff I don’t really need (no matter how cool or cute they are).

Motivation: Money for travel, bigger savings

Enabler: Establish a routine of getting out of the house early, try commuting, baon, avoid eating out

19. Finish what you started — and don’t start things that aren’t worth finishing

Guilty. I like starting hobbies that I forget about after a while because I learn that either it takes too much time to do, is expensive, is difficult and whatever excuse. Basically, I lose the time to put into these new hobbies. I even forget to finish books that I start reading! Anyway, will try to be better at being consistent with the things I do.

20. Be happy

Be happy! Like I usually do (but sometimes need reminding of), rejoice and be thankful for all the blessings! Everything given to me is in God’s perfect timing. 🙂

And be quick to forgive! 🙂

21. Make others happy

Even when I feel like the busiest animal in the world, I should always think of ways to make the people around me and whom I love happy through the simplest things.


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