Praying for Peace

Just recently, I got a message from an unknown person on FB, introducing herself as a neighbor in our previous apartment. She creepily said that she missed us (I don’t really know if this was a male or a female) and that she knew us from what she could hear from inside of our house. She told my housemate that she knew me and my boyfriend because we invited her to drink one time.

I couldn’t tell who she was. She knew us by our names and she knew that I’ve already broken up with my boyfriend. She kept insinuating that she heard people in our house having sex. She even insisted that she saw me with my boyfriend having sex in the living room and that she had photos she can share. She told me I must miss my ex by now and if I remember his “hand” inside me. (Really? Hand?)

I was creeped out by this person because I couldn’t understand why she was contacting me and saying these things and what she hopes to accomplish. And it is scary to think that people like her exist. Maybe she finds it fun to torment people. I don’t know really what her motivations are.

Anyway, since I stopped replying to her messages, she said that there wasn’t really any photos and that she was sorry and she will not disturb me again.

And I do hope to never hear from her again because she creeps me out. I was supposed to block her by today but her FB account no longer exists so it is likely that he/she is a poser, a fake.

Whoever this person is, I can just say that you may ruin my peace of mind now but I have a lot of people who love me and can help me regain my peace. Ang Diyos na ang bahala sa akin at sayo. I’m sure I will be happier than you in this life.


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