My prayers are becoming longer and longer. A lot of thank yous to God for so much blessings, for the littlest things like waking up each day up to the biggest blessings like getting promoted and for Him keeping my family and loved ones healthy, safe and most of all happy. I cry sometimes while praying just because I am so thankful for all the love I receive and give each day. I feel like the biggest proof that He is listening to us is when we count our blessings and realize that so much is given to us each and everyday, even if we don’t ask for it. Even when we can’t give Him anything in return but a simple thank you. It is overwhelming sometimes.

And then there’s the long list of sorries for all the things I may have done to hurt Him and my neighbors. Those times I turned away from people who needed me. Or those times I spoke ill of others without understanding them or without even realizing it. And the list of things I should’ve done but didn’t because I was too selfish or distracted by my own wants and need. And there’s the things I’ve done and regret doing. But then I am again thankful for His forgiving heart and His grace to help me become a better person.

Then I stop to think of all my hopes and fears so I can lift them up to Him. I pray that He continuously take care of the people I love. I pray for this all the time because what is a life without the people I love. I pray for each of their happiness, safety, health and all their heart’s desires. I ask Him to bless them, and I pray for the things they are also praying for for themselves – a project proposal, a quota, a contest, an upcoming wedding, a relationship, a test and all else I know of. I even talk to Him and try to justify why they deserve to be blessed as well. Lawyering for their blessings. 😛

And then I pray for my fears at work, in school, my weaknesses, my strengths and my insecurities. I pray He give me whatever it is I need to serve the people around me. I pray He make me so full of love and light that I can have enough to share with the people around me. I pray for happiness. I pray to be worthy of His love and all His blessings.

And every now and then I pray for the people who once became part of my life, because I know their fears and dreams as well. And it doesn’t matter if they know or not that I prayed for them. It doesn’t matter if they have hurt me. I pray for them just because I still wish them the best in life.

Then I thank Him for listening and ask for His will to be done. Because I trust Him to take care of everything that I cannot control. And I feel peace as I know He has heard every single word. 🙂


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