What do we mean by distance? A 30 minute leisurely ride is short, while a 30 minute ride going to the hospital with a sick dying patient can be the longest ride of your life.

Our grandparents endured love letters delivered by mail when they couldn’t be together. Distance was not hearing from each other in a week. Distance was not seeing the other for years. Distance was about waiting with a complacent heart.

Our generation has the leisure of instant communication. A thought, a moment, a snapshot can be passed to another in a second. Distance is not hearing from the other in a night. Distance was not seeing each other for a day. Distance was waiting in uncertainty for when the next text, call or date will come.

There is distance even within enclosed spaces. Distance is when lovers no longer see eye to eye. Distance is the space between married couples while they sleep with their backs facing each other. Distance is seeing each other everyday but your heart wants to push the other way.

Distance is not distance to those whose hearts are intertwined. Because there is never a moment when the other is not in their hearts, seeping through their veins and throughout every inch of their minds and bodies. There is longing but never distance.

Then there are friendships that do not keep in touch but are never distant. Friendships built in the past and forever kept no matter how much they change as people. No matter how many mistakes were made. No matter how many birthdays and big moments were missed. When these friendships reunite, immediately, it’s as if no time has passed.

But then there are distances that is just that – distance. Distances that are there for a reason. Maybe to keep people sane, to keep people safe, to keep people from pains that they do not want to return to.

Maybe all of us have our own unique circumstances that define the distances we face. Distances we love to have. Distances that are painfully accepted. Distances we are forced to keep.


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