Advice to stupid other girls

When you’re the other girl, expect to be hurt. It will hurt when she’s sad, because you’re an evil awful person. How could you do something like that? She’s a nice girl for crying out loud.

It will hurt when she’s happy. Well duh. She’s with him. And you’re not. And you will never be. You’ll always be that dirty little secret. Who the f wants to be dirty?

It will hurt when you expect. He told you what? He loves you? He’ll do something about it? You’re sad? He’s sorry? Ha. Believe him about three times and then get back to me. He will not leave his long term girlfriend for you. Get over yourself.

It will hurt when you have to see him and you are a dirty little secret. Because nobody will care if you’re sad. You are an evil person who deserves pain.

It will hurt when people will start talking about you and tell you to stop. The affair cannot be solely blamed on you but nobody will believe you. You are a tease, that’s what they’ll say. And you can no longer tell them your side. You can just hide under your cubicle and pray everyone leaves early.

My advice to all stupid other girls: Don’t do it. Don’t fall into that illusion of love and the allure of forbidden love. It’s not real because real love entails commitment. It will hurt. It will hurt I promise you that.


One thought on “Advice to stupid other girls

  1. Nephila says:

    Really? I mean, it doesn’t seem to hurt them. If it hurt them for reals they’d get it at least afterwards and be so very sorry. But those who are remorseful are rare. Mostly they just throw tantrums about how they’re the victim. Oh it’s so hard…. So I don’t know that it is actually hurt they feel. Just more and more entitled.

    As for blaming them, what’s with the solely? I blame both parties equally. So I don’t tolerate the OW blameshifting to him or him blameshifting to the OW, both are equally bad in the act, who is remorseful matters. Some men are. Have only read maybe 2 women who are.

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