God, I feel so sad and empty. And I try not to think about it but this phone is still full of memories. Memories that feel like a distant past. A distant past that never happened. A past that sometimes I would rather forget.

God, please fill my heart with Your love instead. I have no replacement. Forgive me if I filled my heart with human love when it should have been filled with Yours in the first place.

God, please help me accept and move on. Please help me find happiness from within myself and not from others. Please help me trust in Your mercy.

God, please help me forgive others and myself. What they did to me was wrong but what I did was also not right. They hurt me but I hurt others as well. Please help my heart to forgive myself.

God, I want to be content. To be happy in the simplest things in life. To find Your love wherever I go. To help others as I find myself. To celebrate the life You gave me by touching other people’s lives.

God, I am not yet ready for a new relationship. But I pray the next one will be better. The next one will be the one. The one will be the person you made for me.


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