Third. Third was a breath of fresh air. He smelled nice, looked neat and clean. He was handsome too. I never really thought of him in a romantic way because I never really thought someone like him will ever like someone like me.

Well, he did like me despite everything that can make you not like me. And I started to get to know him and like him too. I’ve never known how it felt to be loved and adored at the same time. Being with him was like that. I felt like I was always enough, that I was one of the most beautiful people in the world despite all my flaws. Sometimes, I didn’t believe him. Sometimes, I did. Third gave me the gift of believing in myself, because he did.

Third is the third person I’ve loved. There were times I felt like God made him for me. That he was the one I asked for when my heart was in tears because of an old love. He was me. He was a version of me. In just a few months, I was surprised to have already loved him so much. Memories of us I hold on too dearly.

But Third was never mine. He belonged to someone else. I’ve always known that there will come a time that he would have to choose. I’ve always known that he would pick her, because he stands by the people he loves. That is how he is. That is how I know him. That is how it will always be.

He did pick her. He loved me too but he chose her. Because maybe she was the love of his life, the star in his nights, the first thought in his mornings and the last thought in his sleep. And I understand that. Not all loves are created equal. In the end, some loves will always be greater than others.

I did not lose Third because he was never mine to lose. I am just thankful for the few months we shared. Because even if it hurts now, I learned what kind of love I wanted from my other half. That I should not settle. That I can be loved like he loved me.

I am thankful for Third. He caused me great pain but he also gave me great love. And I would not have had it any other way. I learned that love just passes through sometimes. And sometimes, we just have to let it go

Someday we can really be just friends, but I will always remember his love.


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