Thank You God! : 2013 Recap

These are the awesome highlights of my 2013:

1. Went to the beach with B (my puppy) twice! (and without B thrice) — that’s 5 times!


2. Went to that awesome beach called Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte that was super duper nice.

3. First outing with office friends – to Calaguas! 


4. First outing with housemates – Coron, Palawan!

5. Got a new job in the government
6. Passed a subject for my Masters (my first 2.0) (but I dropped the other subject :p)… and kept my classmate friends close. 🙂


7. Enrolled once again for second sem (crawling my way through)
8. Survived my first State of the Nation Address #myjob
9. Promoted to unit head (without extra pay, just extra work ;P)
10. General cleaning of the house and room!(twice for the whole year haha)
11. Training for 5k (using my phone app) – I can jog better and longer now!
12. Quit the extra stress I no longer needed/wanted
13. Got an investment/insurance/savings plan!
14. Got to spend lots of time with my mom (be it errands and shopping)

15. Received lots of gifts for Christmas! Including one from ze boyfriend (which was a Christmas miracle haha)
16. Helped the way I can for those affected by disasters in the country

17. Full bangs! Bang bang!


18. Celebrated my birthday with friends and family!


19. Surfed again! This time in Bagasbas, Cam Norte. 


20. Spent Christmas day with the family. Even those living far far away but who we dearly love. ❤



21. Witnessed my little sister doing what she loved the most – Kpop dance!


But generally, for 2013, I am thankful because God kept my family and loved ones safe from any harm, illness or tragedy. I pray 2014 will bring the same great luck and happiness to everyone I hold dear in my heart, as well as to all Filipinos. 🙂


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