Ana, a brief friend

I just learned that a classmate from college has died from some illness way back in Dec 2012. She was briefly a friend for that one class we had together – fine arts 28. I am not a particularly perky, friendly person but we became friends because of our seats and then we became group mates for a report.

I still remember her til now and cried when I knew about what happened. She was a particularly happy person, who made other people happy as well in the process. I remember spending a night at their house for a group report. She invited us to her home even if we knew each other just for that single class. She fed us, treated us like her barkadas from high school. Looking back, I should’ve appreciated her great spirit.

Time came when the semester was ending and to me, it was also the end of our friendship (as I don’t easily reach out to people I rarely meet). But she, she took the time to print out our pictures from a field trip and from their house. Gave us all a copy and I felt that what we had actually meant something to her. I should’ve kept in touch.

Anyway, she’s gone know and I hope she’s happy. It happened too fast. I’m so sad it had to happen to someone like her. Someone so bright and inspirational, and here I am glum and always complaining. Ha, how I wish it didn’t happen to her.


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