Doggie Hoodie

Have I mentioned I love making stuff from scratch? I do! Here’s one I painstakingly made for my Baby B! 🙂


I followed a pattern I found online and voila! Didn’t really fit that well, but it’s a first. I made two and gave the other one to K. 🙂

And as you can see, the hoodie was too big! ( I stole this photo, I hope he and his master won’t mind. :p)

I have yet to master measurements for dogs. I used to sew bags and those didn’t really need to “fit” anyone exactly.

And even if I made these for about 6 hours, I’m still happy! Hope to get better at it the next few tries. Maybe this sem break I’ll make some Christmas costumes for them.

Til then! 🙂


One thought on “Doggie Hoodie

  1. Whirly Dog Supplies says:

    I love the hoodie part of the jacket. I make pet apparel and dog clothes you can see at and hoodies are my biggest sellers. Everyone loves them.
    I like the way you put holes in the hood for the ears to come out… as a human I think it would be more comfortable, what I would like to know is how does Baby B like it? When you first put it on did he want to flop his ears around a lot?

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