Bag of Beans, Tagaytay: Pretty Yummy

After our Pico Sands trip, we decided to try out Bag of Beans in Tagaytay. I frequently saw pictures of this resto/cafe on instagram so we went!

The place was really homey and huge! There were a lot of customers around 2pm on a Sunday but the servers were attentive and quick. We were all really hungry and skeptic because the food might take forever.

Fortunately, it wasn’t! Around 15-20 mins we got our food. Here it is:


I ordered grilled salmon. You have a choice of one side, either salad, mashed potato or rice. I chose salad (second picture) and I loved the colors and the presentation not to mention the huge serving! For P380, it was worth it.

My brother ordered this shrimp dish and again, huge serving! He loved the fact that it was already shelled :p I think this dish has the same price as the salmon.

My little sis ordered blueberry pancakes. I had a taste and it was gooood. It was soft and not the least bit dry or starchy. I like moist pancakes and the blueberry just made it even more delicious. I think this dish is around 200-250 or cheaper. Can’t really recall.

An lastly for dessert, apple pie! It was not too sweet and still hot when it was served. They have a variety of meat pies and fruit pies in solo and family sizes.

They also have other goodies for pasalubong like coffee, frozen pies, and breads. I bought vanilla ground coffee but it was a bit bitter for my taste (I don’t put sugar in coffee). The raisin bread I bought was good. They were generous with the raisins and cinammon.

So that’s it! Til my next fun FILLING experience! 🙂


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