Pico Sands, Nasugbu, Batangas

This summer has been the most beach filled experience and I am super thankful to God for giving me the means and the people to enjoy this summer break!

For our family outing, we went to Burot Beach in Calatagan. For our second family outing, we went to Nasugbu for my mom’s office outing at Pico Sands. The experience was really contrasting, from a super undeveloped beach to an uber developed beach (with sosyal people)!


The beach had these very nice chairs on the sand with umbrellas. The water was nice (not itchy) and there was no fear stepping on sea urchins or whatever sharp, big rocks because I think they already took care of that.


It was a really nice place. The locker rooms for showering were extremely nice that you just want to stay there for a while. Our hotel was a bit far from the beach but they had shuttles to take you where you needed to go. Unfortunately, sometimes the shuttles take too long.

The room we had was okay, except that it took a while for it to cool. They didn’t have blankets, only the thick quilt which was hot to use. So with the aircon, tou had to choose to either be super cold or hot under the covers. 😛

The place was great for jogging, hiking and other outdoor activities (that we didn’t do because we just wanted to relax a.k.a. Lazy!). The only bad thing I can say maybe is that the food is very expensive. It was either you get stuck eating the snacks menu the whole day, or you had to go buffet for every meal which costs 800/head. For someone desperately trying to diet, the buffet was a no no! So for breakfast, I chose to eat chips and white wine (hahaha!).

I just love the beach and this summer was the brownest I got for going and going to the beach almost weekly!

Til my next happy cup trip! 🙂
(Back to reality)


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