Burot Beach, Calatagan: Puppy’s First Beach

I’ve always wanted to go to the beach with my puppy B! And finally it has happened thanks to Burot Beach – an undeveloped beautiful beach in Calatagan, Batangas. (Special thanks to bloggers who shared the information.)

Before I share what happened that day, I’ll just give you a brief background of what I did to prepare for this special trip.

1. Googled “Pet Friendly Beach Batangas” and “Dogs Beach near Manila” a lot of times. Apparently, most resorts do not allow pets. Good thing, we found Burot Beach!

2. Googled some more on “Puppy Beach Tips” – to prepare for whatever B might need (health-wise) for the beach.

3. Looked for someone who’d go with us – the Boyfriend agreed to go so Yey!

4. Packed everything B needed: water bottle, dog food, portable containers for dog food and water, her medicines and supplements, her towel and leash

It was May 1 – Labor Day in the Philippines – so we took advantage of the holiday and got out of the house very early. Around 4:30AM, we were already on the road from Quezon City to Calatagan. We took a short breakfast break in SLEX.

Breakfast Break

Here’s B acting like a baby.

After that, we then went straight to Calatagan. It took us about 4 hours to reach our destination.

Ta-da! Burot Beach!

Burot Beach HappyCupProject

Burot Beach

The entrance fee is only P65 each for day trip. If you want to rent a table it costs P200.

You can also stay overnight but it would cost a bit more. I heard you can rent a tent from them or you can bring your own. Take note though that there is no electricity in the area so it would be best if you would bring flashlights, mosquito repellent, plenty of water and food!

And because this trip is especially for B, here’s a photo documentation of her activities there.

IMG_4760 IMG_4761

That’s B getting acquainted with the sand. She didn’t really mind that it was hot to step on. I think she had trouble with the sand going in her nose every  time she tried to smell the ground.


She needed a bit of coaxing before she stepped on the water. But she wasn’t really afraid. I think she was more surprised that the water was moving in and out of the shore.

IMG_4789 IMG_4793 IMG_4794

I carried her into the water (haha). First in the shallow part. She just sat there and the kids were all curious to see her in the water. I brought her to the deeper part of water and she swam! (But yeah I got scared that she would not be able to so I supported her with her leash. It turns out that she didn’t really need my help. She could do it on her own.)

IMG_1549 IMG_4799

She had fun chasing the kids in the water. That was the only time she voluntarily jumped into the water and swam by herself!


But after chasing them, she just mainly stayed on the sand. I expected that she would be excited to dig through the sand, but no she didn’t. (Expectations crushed haha)

We wanted to let her out of her leash but there were other people and other dogs that she might disturb. She is very playful and it would be difficult to run after her on sand.

Overall, I think she had fun with the swimming and running on the sand experience. If you’re planning to bring your dog to the beach as well, here are some tips I can give you from the experience:

1. Bring more friends with you that can help you care/tend for your dog. There was just the two of us so one would have to always hold B and the other for all the other stuff like taking stuff out of the car, setting up the table, take photos, etc.

2. Don’t forget to let your dog drink water frequently. It’s very hot in the beach and they can get easily thirsty. Leave a place for her water or let her drink every hour.

3. Don’t forget your dog/owner beach etiquette. If you have an obedient dog who will stay when told or run back to you when called, then maybe you can let her run/swim free. But if your pup’s like B, best to make sure that you won’t disturb other guests in the beach. It’s already a blessing that they are allowing you to bring your dog. Don’t let guest complaints make the owners change their pet policy!

4. Rinse after swimming! Don’t let your dog sleep overnight with saltwater on their skin! This might cause some allergic reaction and it’s so sad when dogs can’t stop scratching themselves.

5. Safety of the water! Make sure that your dog won’t get near any sea urchins/jelly fish that might harm them. Research and/or ask the management if their waters have any of these.

That’s it! If you have any more of your own suggestions, you can share it with me through the comment box below. 😀

I am thankful that Burot Beach allowed us to enjoy a short summer break by the beach with B. Next time, I’d bring more people along so I can have them look after B as well. Hihi

‘Til B’s next beachscapade!


P.S. After the beach, B was knocked out cold in the car. She got tired with all the running and the swimming. 😀


6 thoughts on “Burot Beach, Calatagan: Puppy’s First Beach

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been on a search for a dog friendly place that’s easy to commute to so I can bring my baby to the beach!

  2. contact : kuya Romy ( tricycle driver ) says:

    tricycle ride to burot beach
    php 150 good for 1 to 3 person
    from public market to burot beach
    just call or text kuya Romy
    contact no : 09266452950

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