New Year New Job

Well, not yet really. I’ve been sitting on my ass for the past three days waiting for my contract to be signed.

Three weeks ago, I got accepted in a government office I applied for last year. I was really happy because the pay is much better and I’m really looking forward to having just one job. Having two jobs was really starting to stress me out and this is really a good opportunity career wise. It’s in line with development work and that was basically what I took in college. Plus it’s in line as well with my Masters.

If you’ve read my last post regrding work well you’d think I just ate everything that I said about creativity and stuff. Well, I’m thinking I can be creative anywhere, can’t I? And though i had flexi work hours back then, I was still living in a routine kind of life you know. Maybe I am hardwired to be like that.

Realization! If I want to stay and work hard on something, I have to take ownership of it. OWNERSHIP and COMMITMENT. This is the only way that I’d keep something to heart and work hard for it, even if I fail, even if it’s hard.

I hope and I pray that this time around, all will go well. That I’d take ownership and responsibility — and I need courage for that.

So yeah, good luck to me and all y’all yuppies still trying to find their way in life.

Oh and hey, I just mailed an application for online stock market investment. I hope that goes well too. Maybe it’s a blessing as well that I have time to bum and do that stuff.

— I really need to study. Arrrgh


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