A Holiday Feast in the Philippines

I’ve been gaining so much weight due to my lack of physical activity and the Christmas season did not help me one bit!

I am so happy I got to spend more time at home (as I live in an apartment about 2 hours away) and one thing I surely miss about home is the FOOOOD. And because its the holidays, the food we had was so much more special (and delicious!!!). And because food makes me happy, I’m sharing our noche buena (Christmas Eve) and media noche (New Year’s Eve) with you!

Noche Buena Philippines

Top (L-R) Sweetened Ham with Pineapples (we call this Hamon)

Lengua in Mushroom Sauce with Baby Potatoes (Lengua is cow tongue) – totally soft and the sauce was hmmmhhh…

Pasta Station with Homemade Sauces – Creamy Alfredo with Chicken, Pesto and Italian Sauce (dried tomatoes and Italian sausages)

Callos – This is a Christmas tradition we have every year because my Grandmama used to make this for us. It has ox tripe, chorizo, garbanzos and a whole lot of ingredients I don’t really know. But man, it’s delicioso!

Chicken Pastel – Chicken and sausages with some vegetables baked with mashed potato on top


Now for our Media Noche…

Media Noche Philippines


Top (L-R)

Turkey – Every year we receive a huge turkey (for FREE), complete with cranberry sauce, gravy and some vegetables. Yummy!

Baked Spareribs – not really a fan of pork so this dish didn’t really do it for me. 😦

Shrimp in Garlic Butter Sauce – These huge shrimp were very delicious but unfortunately not too easy to eat. So I just had two of these and smiled contentedly. 🙂

Fruit Pie (?) from Deli France – Lots of fruits on top and had croissant-like bread for the bottom. Perfect for my diabetic dad who couldn’t really consume much sugar (he’s diabetic).

Grilled Squid – This is one HUGE squid was stuffed with herbs, onions, tomatoes and ginger and then grilled to perfection. I think this is what I ate most that night :p

Fruit Salad – A typical Filipino dessert, no one can go wrong with fruit salad. (Oh and my puppy Belly really liked this. Weird.)


So… can you blame me now for gaining more weight over the holidays? Good food and family always characterizes a festivity in the Philippines. One should always go with the other. I look forward to the next family reunion and the next batch of good food. 🙂

‘Til we meet again folks!



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