2012 Highlights

Joining the bandwagon here 🙂

Before the year 2012 ends, I just wanted to remember everything that happened that I should be thankful for.

1 Blessed to earn enough to live on my own
2 Travelled to Visayas for the first time with friends I love dearly. Cebu was fun and amazing.
3 Explored a different country (Thailand) and met people from different walks of life.
4 Went on a road trip with my love, met disaster along the way but it was all worth it. 😀
5 Surfed for the first time.
6 Decided to study for my Masters in Devt Economics. Learning a lot and made lots of new friends.
7 Received a bundle of Joy, my puppy Belly. 😀
8 Finally left a job I didn’t love and moved on to something different. Still on a path of self exploration.
9 Was given an iPhone, was stolen, but still bought another one. ❤
10 Saw true love despite all the many challenges in the past year. Felt some commitment, something real. Hoping for better love this year.
11 Grandpa left us for a better place. Hoping Grandma is relieved for the love of her life is no longer in pain.
12 Gained a lot of pounds because of too much love and blessings. Hoping to be better at taking care of myself this year. 😀
13 Moved to a new apartment, got robbed twice but survived and received much more blessings.

2012 was a year full of doubts and challenges. This year I pray that I will be less afraid, more courageous, more focused and more hardworking. I pray that I find the true meaning of my life and be able to share my love and happiness to others.


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