Buying Local

A friend and I went to Global Pinoy Bazaar and the experience was really … inspiring, satisfying and happpyyy.

My favorite social enterprises were there and I found new ones. I loved the polymer clay products, the bags, the shoes, the accessories and even the food showcased – all Pinoy, all by small entrepreneurs.

I would like to buy so much more stuff but given my budget, I had to make do with only those I could afford. But if I had the money, I would’ve bought some more bags, shoes and the journals and notebooks. I drool for the nicely made journals (especially the acid free leather ones and the one with doodles arrgggh).

Anyway here’s what I bought:


The coffee by Kape Maria smelled so nice and the free taste bagged the deal. I bought this one for P250, 200 grams.

The shoes are actually made from recycled fabric and truck tires. The brand is called Habi Footwear and they’re a social enterprise. I bought 2 for me and ze boyfriend. They’re really nice and I like the business model. 🙂 they pay mothers of an urban poor community 3-4 times the market rate for woven fabric.

The soap is French walnut and caramel. Smells so nice I wanted to eat the soap bar. That one cost P120. We liked the lady and her husband selling them. Friendly and had lots of stories/ extra info to share. I wanted a perfume with the same scent as the soap. Brand is Lotus Bloom.

The headbands were made by another social enterprise called Artwine. They help Out of School Youth children in Las Pinas. The lady selling was extra extra perky so I just had to buy.

Fun fun shopping at bazaars like this. Everything is not mass produced. A bit more expensive though, but well worth it. I personally advocate for more Filipinos to buy locally made products especially those by small social entrepreneurs.

I hope to be one someday. 🙂


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