Not so Happy Post

Me and my friends rent an apartment in a village near the university where we used to study. It was always a dream for me to live here independently, as opposed to living in a boarding house like before. For the first year, we had a not-so-nice apartment but it did fine providing us shelter and a home.

A year later, we moved to another apartment. A bigger nicer one that had three rooms, each for one of us. It was really a dream come true. Until the time came that we got robbed.

It happened on a Thursday. We slept at around 4:00 AM and when I woke up at around 6 AM, my iPhone was gone. Later I found out that my laptop, my boyfriend’s laptop and his cellphone were already gone. My friend’s wallet was also taken. It turns out he got in by stealing the keys from a bag that he reached from a window using an umbrella.

What was sickening was that my phone was beside me, and my laptop was at the foot of my bed. He took those while I was sleeping. He was THAT close. He could have killed me if he/she wanted to. We could not do anything about it. The police couldn’t do anything about it. So we just went on with our lives, installed new locks and tried to be more careful.

Three months later, at a time when we felt that we were already safe because we had more door locks than usual, we were robbed again. This time he went in from the backdoor. He managed to open it despite the double lock and once again he was able to walk into the house while we were sleeping. He got into my friend’s room by opening her door by breaking into her window. If I didn’t have a dog with me in the room, he might have gotten in to my room as well. He took our flat screen TV, my friend’s whole bag with a laptop inside, another cellphone from me and my friend’s external hard drive.

What pisses me off was that it was my birthday. And he stole my birthday cake. He also left his poo in front of the door. (What kind of sick bastard does that?) If he wanted money, fine. Why the F does he need to leave a freaking mark.

I used to have some pity for these kind of people. Maybe they really need the money. Maybe they have some sick relative. Maybe they just can’t put food on the table for their children. But why disgrace a home like that?

And it’s such a shame once again that the police weren’t able to do anything about it once again. We asked for an investigation but nobody came. Nobody even advised us that they will not be able to make it. We wanted justice. We wanted to feel safe. We wanted to know that there was something we could do about what happened.

I don’t like it that people judge our law enforcers but this experience showed me that they are really in need for some improvement. We felt that they could have done better. (Some even touched the evidence when they weren’t supposed to.) They gave us a police report with a wrong date. And at some point in our conversation, they even blamed us for what happened.

And what I don’t really understand is why this village is so unsafe. We live near the city hall for crying out loud. We even live near the Mayor’s house. Why does so much crime happen in this village? I am now having second thoughts about living here…

And so now, we sleep every night feeling so afraid that there’s someone watching us while we are sleeping. Like someone will again come into our home, steal from us and do whatever they want with us. It’s difficult but we’re trying to live through this. We’ve closed all doors, put additional locks and sealed all our windows. I hope this will be enough to keep us safe this time around.


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