Weddings: More fun in the Philippines

Just as the Department of Tourism slogan says, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

As simple as that slogan goes, it really is. Despite the many problems this country has, no one can discount the beauty of this country and the wealth of talent Filipinos have. And the beauty can be found not in urban centers but in places that are lesser developed. It is in the provinces that one could enjoy nature, the Philippine culture, the local food and crafts and the good nature of Filipinos.

I have seen how tourism boosts economies and the quality of life of families and communities. I have seen how local communities take pride of what they have and how they protect their own. And just recently, I have learned that weddings are indeed more fun in the Philippines!


I have recently learned about Kasalang Filipino. As a Filipino, I am proud  that we have something like this in our country as it recognizes the local industry for wedding supplies. As a Filipino, weddings are, to me, more fun in the Philippines not only because of the country’s natural beauty but because of my desire to see a higher quality of life for communities in provinces. The Philippines as a wedding destination can boost tourism and the local industries that are usually at a loss for markets who would value their work. And if customization and craftsmanship is the demand for weddings, artisans in the Philippines can surely deliver.

I can’t wait to discover them all and showcase them here in this humble blog of mine. =) Oh and if you’re thinking of getting married around Southeast Asia, give the Philippines a try! Truly worth it. You’ll have a wedding of a lifetime, and you’ll be helping a lot of families as well.

(Wait for July! I’ll post more on Weddings in the Philippines.)



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