My Mom and Mother’s Day

One of the many things that make me happy is my mom. Many other kids out there would think that this is cliche, but there is nothing more I can ask from her. And the fact that we don’t get to choose our parents makes me feel even more thankful that God gave me her.

She is caring and loving. From the very beginning, all of us felt that we were loved and that we were special. She would never let a birthday, graduation, Valentine’s and other events pass by without making us feel that we were the love of her life. When she’s out buying groceries or just window shopping, most often she would buy something for us than for herself.

She is confident and outspoken. This is why she excels in her work and she is able to provide adequately for our family. I have seen from her that women are not subordinate to men. She and my grandmother (who has already passed away) have shown me that women can bring up families even with little help from their husbands. They not only know how to make homes, they are also successful in their own careers.

I can go to her with any problem. Even if my problems are shameful, I know that she would not judge. She will simply take action and help me get through it. Along the way, she scolds you and teaches you a lesson, but she will not get mad. She understands that people make mistakes, and everyone learns from their failures.

She is beautiful. I have already established that she is  beautiful inside, but I am telling you now, she is as beautiful in the outside. At her age, a lot of people still admire her beauty. I admit that she is even prettier than I am (and I think I am fairly pretty haha)!

My mom has not done any extraordinary things that made her popular in this world. But I am sure that her love will surely be remembered by her children and all those who will have the opportunity to be part of her world.

I love my mom and I will do anything for her if she asks me too. She has given everything to me as well.



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