Happy Cup in Puerto Princesa

Family trip to Puerto Princesa

It’s been quite a very long time since the whole family went out on a vacation together. Since 2012, has been good to us and to me, we decided to go on a trip to Puerto Princesa.

I cannot describe how the province of Palawan is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen in my country. The people were nice and the scenery was amazing. My mom couldn’t stop taking pictures of rivers, lakes, mountains, bays, farmlands, etc.

We went there for the PP Underground River, its one of the seven new wonders of the world. It is really one of a kind. Nothing I have ever seen before. Unfortunately it was really dark inside, so I was only able to take a few pictures.

Going out of PPUR

Going in to the cave

We also went to Estrella Falls. The water was cold and refreshing. I liked the sitting on the big rocks and feeling the water’s current. Oh and I was almost swept by the current, a few scratches here and there. Haha The fam worried and then laughed at me. (will post picture later)

And then we went to Honda Bay for an Island Hopping Tour. They are really trying to take care of their marine life in PP. The protected areas were open to snorkeling but the fish feeding was strictly not allowed in Pambato Reef. This is for protecting the natural processes in the sea where the fish eat algae and bacteria. If we feed them bread, they won’t eat the algae and bacteria. And then we went to Pandan Island, really nice beach!


Aside from the beautiful beautiful places in Puerto Princesa, I admire the people and even the government of Palawan for taking care of the environment while promoting tourism responsibly. In Pandan Island, tourists should bring their trash with them. In PP, high rise buildings are not allowed, for safety purposes and to preserve its sceneries. There are no industries that pollute the air or its waters. It does not allow the invasion of large scale mining even if its mountains are rich in minerals. It is also very clean everywhere. There are no visible garbage around, even cigarette butts on the floor.

And most of all, we could feel the people’s respect and pride for their province and their environment. It was a huge contrast to Manila and its traffic and pollution.

Ah, I’ll miss Palawan. Hope to go there again, maybe in Coron.

Family vacation = cup full of happy dappyness!

Til next time!



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