This is NOT a Food Blog

This is NOT a food blog… I wouldn’t want to start that one because I’m deeply trying to watch my weight. BUT what the hell, food makes me happy so I’ll just go ahead!

New restaurants I’ve tried:

Nihon Bashitei
A Japanese restaurant around Makati. I liked the Spicy Toro Maki yum

Burger Project

A DIY burger joint in UP Village. I liked their onion rings and the pesto they put in burgers. Next time I’ll try wasabi mayo!

A fun cafe along Maginhawa St in Sikatuna Village I think. The cakes had funny names – Pacute (mango cheescake) and Beats Sex Anyday (chocolate cake). Oh and they gave free cups of rice wine. =)


Sometimes it’s not really the food per se that makes me happy. It’s actually the new experience with food. Which is why I would also want to try Van Gogh is Bipolar along Maginhawa. I heard their resto was quirky as well.

Why don’t you try and see if trying out new restaurants work for you as well? Life’s simple pleasures. =)

Til next time!


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