Happy Cup in Vigan and Ilocos Norte

I was very excited to go to this trip because (1) this is my first road trip ever with friends and (2) oh the places to see in Ilocos and (3) we had a week long vacation from the office. Crazy sweet!

It was a super long drive to Vigan, about nine hours. Almost got lost along the way, but really got lost in Vigan (one way streets and establishments that looked the same). But that was part of the unforgettable moments, the mishaps, and I tell you – we had a lot of them on the trip. The unexpected made the experience more fun.

I won’t detail everything, just the parts that I absolutely loved.

Of course, the food:


And the arts/culture:


I really really liked the pottery part of the trip. (Okay, I did not really manage to make a jar, but it was a really funnn experience.)

It’s now officially a new dream of mine, to learn pottery. Making stuff from scratch (this time, soil) is AWESOME.

The weaving demo was also educational. I did not know that it THAT hard to make a blanket or a table runner. The set up was so complicated and it would really entail a lot of patience. Kuya was really nice to demo the actual weaving and explain how it works. Unfortunately, we do not have the raw materials. We just make the finished products here. The raw materials (thread, etc) are all from China which they get from deliveries in Pasig. I so appreciate my kumot now. Really fine work they have there. I really admire people who are in the business of actually “creating” products.

And there’s the other tourist spots and sceneries:

The highlight of the trip for me was Pagudpud especially the resort we went to which was called Napintas Vista. It was not a hotel, just a nipa hut with a “veranda” and a room with mattresses and an electric fan. It was towards the end of Saud beach so we could see the Bangui windmills on the other side. The view there, especially the sunset was super nice. (I want to get married there!) That’s how much I liked it. Oh and when you walk along the shore, you’ll see a river that connects to the sea when it’s high tide. Awesome. Just awesome.

This is the sunrise at the beach of Napintas Vista.

If you walk along the coast, you’ll find a river!

Here’s a picture of the river, early morning. (against the light sorry)

I liked Crisologo Street in Vigan because of the vintage, Spanish era feel. The shops there sold pasalubong items and one shop we went to actually had a collection of old artifacts from the Spanish to the Japanese era. The owner had furniture and coins (too bad I was not able to take a picture because I bought plenty of sukang Iloko (local vinegar) so my hands were full).

I miss that trip all the time. Oh happy days. =)

Til next trip!


2 thoughts on “Happy Cup in Vigan and Ilocos Norte

  1. Daniel Tomlinson says:

    Thanks for your kind words on Napintas Vista, just let us know when you plan on getting married and we will fix something up for you at NV. We fell in love when we saw the location and hence the name Napintas Vista, beautiful view. Best wishes Lailanie Faylogna Tomlinson & Daniel Tomlinson, owners of NV

    • happycupproject says:

      Thank you as well for the beautiful experience! 🙂 I wish I could have posted more pictures but my laptop got stolen, hence the cellphone photos. Would love to go back to your place. I thought it was destiny to find Napintas Vista back then because everything else in Pagudpud was booked (holy week!) and NV took us in just by a cellphone call reservation the night before. 🙂

      To all those who want to check out Napintas Vista, go to their website: http://www.napintasvista.com/

      Happy Cup!

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