Something to live for

Here I am again on the verge of crying because I feel lonely and purposeless. But before I drag all of you down into my black hole of sadness, I will list some of the things that will remind us (me) why we should live. These things that make life worth living. These things that slaps you into the reality that your problems should never get in the way of your life.

You are alive. However you may want to explain it, we are all alive. From a fertilized egg, this is who you are now. Isn’t that just an amazing thing? What were the chances that that sperm would fertilize that egg and the product would be you, in all your uniqueness and quirkiness. If we were created, then there must be a purpose. We may not know it yet or we may not know that we are doing it already but it will come.

There is beauty around you. When have you stopped to appreciate the beauty around you? Most of the time, I become so obsessed with my own problems that I just want to hide in my cave. But then I have to force myself to go out and do something. Anything to make me realize that there is happiness out there. Breathe it in and keep it inside you.

People love you. So what if your boyfriend doesn’t want to see you as often as you like? There are other people who would gladly enjoy your company. Learn to appreciate other people who are there for you. We don’t realize that they too look to you for happiness when their lives are shitty as well. I often get caught up in the daily mundane activities I have to endure that I forget to look at the big picture: I have friends who will be there no matter what.

There’s a future ahead of you. It can be your own family, that prince charming, little kids who’d look up to you, or that career you’ve always wanted. No matter how grim life is now, I will always look forward to the future where everything will line up for me. I may hate my job now but I remain faithful that the future will be better.

When we feel there’s nothing going the way we planned, then make it into a lesson. Learn from it and become stronger. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Live life with no regrets.


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