Crafting and Selling Art

One of the things that brings me great great joy is looking at arts and crafts especially those made by ordinary artistic young people. I find them very inspiring. I , for one, am a frustrated artist/crafter and the success of these young entrepreneurs gives me that motivation to pursue crafting and hopefully creating a product that others would enjoy/buy.

Of course, that would need an artistic heart and a good business head on top of those shoulders ( and the time and dedication ).

I don’t know if a lot of people get happiness from the arts and crafting. For me, creativity is freeing – no rules!

This picture was taken at Cubao Expo. The event was Anteroom Sessions 2. I loved the way they upcycled materials to make it into unique accessories. ( unfortunately I forgot who made these, I think it was Junk Art).


This one is from Clois and Clays ( again not sure with the name, need to get better memory ). He makes these unique charms from polymer clay. I dream of working with polymer clay. I just don’t have an oven yet. Anyway, I bought a cuuute watch from him. The eyes btw are glow in the dark.


I am absolutely happy that there are artists and crafters in the world. Even if I can’t make stuff as pretty as theirs, they make this world a more colorful place. I wish all young entrepreneurs like them all the success! 🙂


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