Tereza on Love 

From Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being: 

It is a completely selfless love: Tereza did not want anything of Karenin [her beloved dog]; she did not ever ask him to love her back. Nor had she ever asked herself the questions that plague human couples: Does he love me?  Does he love anyone more than me? Does he love me more than I love him? Perhaps all the questions we ask of love, to measure, test, probe and save it, have the additional effect of cutting it short. Perhaps the reason we are unable to love is that we yearn to be loved, that is, we demand something (love) from our partner instead of delivering ourselves up to him demand-free and asking for nothing but his company. 

Poetic Memory

The brain appears to posses a special area which we might call poetic memory, and which records everything that charms or touches us, that makes our lives beautiful. […] love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory. – Milan Kundera

Interesting. Separating the body from the soul, Kundera also separates memories of his characters. Though much a philanderer, Tomas (the novel’s main character) unintentionally only keeps poetic memories (of love) of his wife Teresa. Memories of other women are only of sighs, sensations and physical reactions (non-love).

I wonder if we are all the same way.

Potipot, Zambales 2015

On a whim, my office friends and I decided on a beach trip for the long weekend – Potipot Island. 

It was a loooong 8 hour bus trip (three transfers Cubao – Gapo – Iba – Candelaria) from night until the wee hours of the morning. 

We stayed at Isla Vista resort – a 10 minute boat ride to Potipot Island. Finally after the long ride we arrived and got some sleep.

A few hours later, we were on our way to the island!    


I did not like the water very much because it was too warm. We had a lot of fun taking pictures along the beach though! (The pictures not with me though. 😐)

But it was fun bonding times nevertheless. Great food, good company. 👍

Mactan, Cebu 2015

One of this year’s surprising blessing is the opportunity to travel to beautiful places for work. This time it was a 3 nights stay at Shangri La, Mactan for a workshop. 

Shangri La Mactan Resort and Spa is too nice a place for a workshop. The beach was beautiful, the pools were sooo nice and the overall amenities (gym, sauna, plus the buffet) were also top notch. 

Room – I had a king sized bed plus a veranda with a view of the sunset. Aaah so nice to sleep and wake up to this every once in a while.  

Beach – White sand, lounge chairs and vibrant sea life perfect for snorkeling. I actually rented snorkeling gear (P300/hr) so I can swim and look at the  colorful fishies. 👌

     Photo from my water buddy

Buffet – Breakfast and lunch buffet at Tides for three consecutive days. I die. Diet went out the window. Eeps I don’t have a single photo because I was too busy eating. 🙀

Swimming pools – I only tried the new one (infinity pool) nearest the beach. It was very nice.  Photo from my water buddy  

I was just too happy to finally enjoy the beach for the first time this summer. 😄   

The best part? It was for free! 😎 

I was indeed a happy camper. Great time for a supposedly stressful workshop. 👍

Til next time! 

June 1-3, 2015


I let myself float above the sea facing the sun. It was hard to let go at first. To allow my ears to be submerged under water. To let the water take me. It was disorienting to close my eyes lying face up to the sun not knowing where the water’s current will take me. It made me feel uneasy at first but then I felt calm when I finally let go. I felt light and weightless.

The sudden calm made me feel thankful for all the opportunities that are continuously coming my way. I am a worrier. I worry about the future because I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t have long term plans because there is too much uncertainty. I take risks as they come my way. I run when I feel unhappy. I don’t like getting hurt.

Just recently, I prayed really hard for something but it was not given to me. I knew I had to surrender and I promised God that I wouldn’t feel bad if it was not for me. But it hurt and I wondered why it wasn’t for me when I really really wanted it. It took me three weeks to return to God and to tell him that it was okay. That I was okay. I said sorry and that I was ready to wait for Him to show me His plan.

Like letting myself float on water, it’s not the easiest to surrender to His plan. It is not the easiest to trust fully. How do I know if I am on the right track? How will I know if God’s plan is what would make me happy?

I came across this article about God’s planning for His children. A child asked, “Mom, what if I don’t like the person God wants me to marry?” Like a child, I am also worried, what if I don’t like the life (love, career, etc) God wants me to have? And the answer came through Psalm 84:11. “The Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

As I was enjoying the calming lightness of floating above water, I realized that only good things have happened since that one rejection. When I used to complain about not being able to get out of the office (for official travel), opportunities came one after the other. I was able to try a lot of new things this year at work and outside of work. I’m going to see my Love soon. I passed my final coursework. It looks like I’m about to have to finish my Masters. It also looks like I’m finally getting a regular position at work.

You see, I don’t really know what I want, and if what I want right now is the best for me. I feel like there’s always something better. I’m afraid of being left behind.

But I am thankful for my God for His patience and His gentle reminders that I must not worry. That I must not fear. That I must learn to trust in His great plan. Only then can I experience the lightness of being. The solitude in times of hardships. The joy amidst the worldly pain.

I will keep on praying that however confused I am in this life, He will guide me into the right path that will bring me real happiness. To be so light and free that I may share love and happiness to those who need it.